Daily Facial Care Routine for Clear & Healthy Skin

facial cleansingThere are certain procedures that you need to follow when it comes to facial skin care. Get in to a routine and stick to it. The five main procedures for facial skin care could be categorized as follows:-

  • Cleansing
  • Toning
  • Exfoliating
  • Moisturizing
  • Protection


The first and foremost step in your daily facial care routine is cleansing. Removing the day’s dirt, grease, sweat and air pollution from your skin will help prevent damage and infection which might leads to acne. Use a mild oil free soap or cleansing lotion and a cotton wool pad and dab, not rub. Cleansing is best done in the morning and at night as part of your routine. Always use a preparatory make-up remover this can be more efficient than using soap and water.


The next part of your facial skin care routine is called toning; this is really an extension to cleansing. You really only need to do this extra cleansing occasionally when you have taken part in some sort of activity or been in a polluted area that has made you dirtier or sweatier than usual.
facial skin care

You don’t need to exfoliate daily. Weekly or maybe twice a week depending on what your skin has been through all week. We all lose skin cells, its part of being human. Skin cells die, but, some of the dead skin cells need help and this where exfoliation comes in. The act of exfoliation is abrasion on the skin so you need to be careful and make sure that you do not cause damage to the healthy skin.


Moisturizing is probably the most important part of your daily facial skin care routine. Moisturizing your skin will prevent it from becoming dry, particularly after all the dirt has been removed during your cleansing routine. Dry skin can lead to all sorts of problems, for example, cracking. Cracking of the skin can lead to soreness and possible infection. Apply your moisturizer when the skin is slightly damp and not when the skin is cold.

Daily Facial Care Routine for Clear & Healthy Skin
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