Benefits of the Airwalker Swing

Autism presents many challenges including muscle and movement function, sensory issues, and times of increased anxiety. The Airwalker Swing focuses on all of these issues and provides a safe environment for children to explore. In addition to these benefits, there are several others that will appeal to you as a parent of child on the spectrum. If you are considering a new swing, then here are benefits to consider of the Airwalker.

Deep Pressure

The Airwalker offers a deep pressure environment with a cocoon style design. The pressure this design brings to the child allows them to boost their dopamine receptors. These receptors are responsible for impulse control. The pressure also helps the body relax and the brain refocus. Another key benefit of the deep pressure offered by this swing is the range it allows the body to move while still keeping boundaries. It also benefits in the development of awareness. Children can learn about their space and their personal space boundaries. This is said to help with self esteem and with your child’s overall awareness development.

Resistance Building

Resistance is vital for children who need extra muscle development and work. The Airwalker Swing offers full body resistance for your child. It allows your child to use every part of their body and muscular system in order to contract the muscles and joints. This allows children the physical therapy they need on an individualized and self propelled level. This benefit is vital for a child that is on an end of the spectrum where too much visual stimulation or to many people may cause them to lose focus or become agitated. In the swing, they can move and create their own therapy while reducing outside stimulation.


You may not think a swing can offer self-confidence, however this one does. One of the key benefits of the Airwalker is the height. The height does increase the resistance and body pressure, but it also offers a chance of adventure. Some children on the spectrum need a chance to explore and come out of their shell. They need to know that things that may scare them are still safe. The swing allows that. The height gives them just enough room to move, resistance to build muscles, and the chance to feel they are in their own world. They can create a magical space that is safe, secure, and on their own terms. This benefit alone provides a chance that many children may not receive and that your child may find vital to their development.


Offering a relaxation option and calming a child down from a high intensity event may seem impossible at times. The Airwalker helps with that. Children who have used the Airwalker have been able to enjoy a soothing experience from the moment they enter the swing. When a child enters, the first thing they are greeted by is the dark cocoon. For some children this may cause fear, but for a child on the spectrum this is safety. The welcoming safe confines of the swing are followed by the immediate pressure and Resistance that give your child a full body hugging effect. This effect alone soothes many children. Once they are seated in the swing and comfortable the swing continues to offer the pressure and resistance of safety. Children can calm down, relax, and regroup in their own space and mind.

Having an ability to feel comfort and safety is something children on the spectrum normally do not have. The benefits of this swing combine that safety with the physical therapy and self-awareness building children on the spectrum need in an all one option.

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