The Massage Equipment You Choose Matters

There are two things that make a massage spa special, the staff and the equipment they use. It goes without saying that both must be top notch. The staff must be customer need oriented and the therapists must be knowledgeable in the art of massage, and spas cannot skimp when it comes to equipment. This is why the best spas use table warmers, along with brand name massage tables and supplies.

According to having the proper massage therapy equipment is a perquisite for superior massages. When therapists are armed with the latest and greatest equipment it allows them to go the extra mile to satisfy customers. Clients come to you to relive their stress, aches, and pains, along with a need to be pampered. Do this well and massage spas can expect a heavy amount of the all-important repeat business.

Since massage involves manipulating sore and stiff muscles there can be a bit of pain involved with the experience, meaning you must make your clients comfortable. Clean and quality sheets help with this matter and massage table warmers will keep them cozy as patients receive their massages. Not only must the patient be physically comfortable, but they need to mentally relax to receive the full massage benefit. Some therapists add their own music, or perhaps a scented fragrance is required. Therapists should work with their clients to see what their ultimate relaxation stimulus is. says that mobile massage therapists must have the right equipment to be successful. Your patients love being massaged in their own homes and you might love doing it, but if you have to lug heavy and clumsy equipment it will only to serve to stress you out. In the end, your clients will sense your frustration and you will lose business. Certainly, this is not a recipe for success. Mobile massage tables are great, until you have to transport it. Consider adding a rolling table transport. This will make traveling to client homes easier and you will have more energy to engage your patients. Your clients will notice the difference.

Another way to transport a portable massage table is to use a quality massage table bag. You can also use it in conjunction with the rolling cart. The bag allows you to lift and set-up the table with less physical strain. You service clients faster and with less anxiety. In addition, the bag protects the table from scratches and dings meaning it will last longer. Deluxe cases allow you to carry most if not all your tools, oils and creams in one bag. This handy feature allows you to save time because fewer trips back to the car are required.

If you follow the above tips and are still struggling because the table is too heavy, consider buying a light-weight aluminum table. Aluminum is lighter than wood and makes all the difference when you must climb stairs with your equipment. Working smarter is the way to work faster with less frustration. Remember, clients will know if you are in a hurry or frustrated.

Mobile therapists need to be extra organized. You should make a checklist of what is needed for each call. These supplies might include massage table, pillows, linens, oils, lotions, creams, towels, folding stool, hand sanitizer, bottled water, business cards, gift certificates, appointment book, pen, paper, nail clipper and nail file. You may have certain clients who require a special oil or cream so make sure you have them when you call on them. Having a profile of each client along with the massage type and lubricants they like will help you keep them happy and calling for more massages.

The Massage Equipment You Choose Matters
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