Avoiding Smoking During Social Occasions

social eventsIn general, social situations can be a trigger for wanting cigarette. It is recommended for you to avoid social occasions where you know people will be smoking because they could make it difficult for you to stay smoke-free. Maybe you already went to a party and something triggered you to smoke, even though you were feeling good about having quit smoking.

This is perfectly understandable, especially in the first few weeks after quitting when it is so hard to say no. But you want to start thinking seriously about how to get through social situations without having a cigarette.

Before you take the plunge, try to assess if you are really ready to go to that social gathering. If you have been craving a cigarette all day, but have been holding on and not having one, you might think twice about going to a party. Other times, you may be celebrating your nonsmoking status.
social gathering
This might be a good time to try a social gathering and see how you do. (But remember to beware of the “I’m home free” relapse.) The important thing is to be honest to yourself before entering a potentially tough situation. Below is an exercise that you can do to help you decide if you are really ready.

For example, you might want to plan on going with someone who you know is supportive of your efforts. Perhaps you can stay in a room or area where you know smokers will not be congregating. If you think the toughest time will be while people are having drinks before dinner, arrive late.

Maybe the toughest time will be after dinner when the party is dragging on, people are getting tired, and you might be feeling bored or vulnerable to smoking. Leave early. Anticipate how the party will challenge you and come up with specific plans for coping with those challenges.

Avoiding Smoking During Social Occasions
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