Braving a New Healthy Life with Smoke Free

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Once have identified your reasons for quitting, it’s time to set a Quit Smoke Day. This is the date you will begin your smoke-free life. We’ll go into the nuts and bolts of what will happen on the day itself, but rather than shrinking from setting a date, make it a day to remember! You could start it off by sleeping a little later than usual, taking a nice long walk, or taking a bubble bath, anything that makes you feel happy and relaxed.

Think about whether you will want to be alone or with other people. Your Quit Smoking Day should be about 2 weeks from now, close enough that you can see it coming and far enough in the future that you can do some things to prepare for it.

motivated new lifestyleWhen planning your Quit Smoking Day, try to avoid days that coincide with times you usually smoke. For example, if you tend to smoke at work, try quitting on a day off. If you smoke while socializing or going out on the town, quit on a weekday. The point is to free your day of associations that might tempt you to smoke. There’s no reason to make it any harder than it already is.

Another thing to consider in setting your Quit Smoke Day is its meaning to you. You may want to make it your birthday, or perhaps your spouse’s or your grandchild’s. Many people choose to make big changes or resolutions on New Year’s Day, but you might want to think seriously about how you celebrate the New Year and whether you’ll have the energy or be in the best frame of mind to begin your plan for quitting.

At this point, we just want you to set a date that will feel like your own and put your goal clearly in sight. Once you decide on your Quit Smoke Day, write it in the space below, and mark it on all your calendars and date books both at home and at work.

Braving a New Healthy Life with Smoke Free
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