Walk Your Way To Ideal Body Weight

Walking is often considered to be a simple, less expensive and easy way of losing weight. But just walking idly for sometime won’t give you the desired results. You have to follow the right method to reach your goal of achieving ideal body weight. Be it on treadmill or on the public road, the most important thing is how you walk, than how long or how far you walk.
weight loss walking

How to Walk the Correct Way

Walking for weight loss is entirely different from usual walking. Walking for weight loss is walking to burn extra fat in your body. For that, maximum number of muscles must take part in the process and waking must influence your heart rate and blood circulation. A few tips:

  1. Swing your arms: Swing your arms back and fourth keeping the elbows at 90 degrees. Keeping arms idle may strain your shoulders and elbow joints. Swinging arms would also help to burn more calories.
  2. Maintain the right body posture: Keep your spine straight to breathe easy and not to cause strain to your back, neck and shoulders
  3. Walk fast: You must walk briskly. But for the beginners, a moderate pace is advisable.

How it works?

There is a balance between calories taken by the human body and calories used as energy for various activities. If you take more calories through food and do no indulge in enough activities to use them as ‘fuel’, they are stored as fat in the body. This leads gaining weight.

Walking is an exercise which involves almost all parts of the body. Exercise or physical activity leads to burning the extra calories as energy which results in gaining back the balance between the intake and spending of calories.

Other health benefits of walking

risk of heart attack and strokeMake walk a part of your routine and it will benefit your health in a number of ways. Walking reduces the chances for breast cancer and colon cancer. A study conducted by Harvard medical school has shown that walking just three hours a week reduced the risk of heart attack and stroke in middle aged women. Another study has even proved that those who walk regularly outlive those who do not.

Walking strengthens your bones and muscles. It also helps you to have a restful sleep and good digestion. Walking has even proved to improve the condition of your skin as it increases blood circulation. It keeps you young. Walking improves mental health by reducing depression and relieving stress.

Things to remember

Make sure that you drink enough water to prevent dehydration. Do some light stretching exercise to relax muscles before you start walking. Walking by itself relaxes your mind. So try to calm yourself before you walk. And finally follow a balanced diet to make the maximum results.

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